Composite Flooring

PAVEEZZI Composite Flooring

Composite, also known as Waterproof, Resilient or Rigid Core Flooring, is a new type of environmentally friendly floor. It doesn’t contain formaldehyde, it is mildew and moisture proof, it is resistant to fire, and it’s easy to install.

The Composite Flooring production process requires no glue, formaldehyde, benzene or other toxic substances. At the same time, Composite Floor can emulate any texture. You will enjoy the wood grain look and feel of traditional wood flooring, keeping the characteristic wood flooring noise at the minimum level.

Composite Flooring is becoming increasingly popular across Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United States. With its excellent stability and durability, it not only solves the problem of moisture and mold deterioration of solid wood flooring, but also solves other environmental issues such as undesirable presence and effects of formaldehyde. 

The main component of Composite Flooring is natural stone powder, which does not contain any toxic elements. It is a new type of green floor material purpose made with environmental protection in mind. The qualified Composite Floor requires IS09000 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international green certification.

A comprehensive set of product test reports available on request.

PAVEEZZI Composite Oak Collection

Plank dimensions: 1530mm x 183mm x 6.5mm
Packaging: 8 planks per box, total 2.24m2

Natural Oak
Product code: 804

Copano Oak
Product code: 801

Quincy Oak
Product code: 805

Chesapeake Oak
Product code: 803

Monterey Oak
Product code: 802

Chandler Oak
Product code: 806